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What is IAC?

The Inter-Asian Council at Johns Hopkins University is a student group dedicated to promoting diversity at Johns Hopkins through events that connect students and the groups they are involved with, programs that educate the community about pertinent issues impacting the greater Asian American and Pacific Islander community, and resources that ignite the community to be engaged and impactful members of society. Our staff of undergraduate students works with various student groups across campus to build a more cohesive community. If you are interested in our cause and want to support us, meet us at our events or reach us via email!


Founded in 1992 by the Office of the Dean of Student Life, the Inter-Asian Council at Johns Hopkins University has sought to foster unity among the Asian and Asian American communities at Homewood and to empower students to discuss issues of identity, politics, and race.

The Inter-Asian Council serves as a medium for Asian Pacific groups at Hopkins to collaborate and to work together towards shared goals and causes. Past events have involved philanthropy, identity workshops, social mixers, performances featuring prominent Asian American entertainers, team-building activities, and pan-Asian cultural events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is IAC a cultural organization?

In some ways yes, and in some ways no. IAC is a student organization of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. IAC does not serve to represent the culture of any singular group of people, but rather facilitate dialogue surrounding the diversity of our community. We aim to bond over the similarities and differences in our identities, to build a stronger multicultural community.

Q: Does IAC take part in politics or advocacy work?

While IAC is not a political organization, we want students to be engaged members of society. By focusing on issues of identity, politics, and race, we encourage our community to be involved advocates for the Asian Pacific American community. We support respectful discussion from all perspectives.

Q: Can graduate students get involved?

Our programs are typically targeted towards undergraduates, but graduate students are certainly welcome to join us at our events and be engaged with us on social media.

Q: I don’t identify as Asian or Asian Pacific American. Can I still be involved?

Certainly! Our work is largely focused on educating the campus on issues of Asian Pacific American identity. We strive to build stronger coalitions and welcome people from all backgrounds to help us support our cause.

Q: My group is not currently involved with IAC. How can we get involved?

We would love to work with your group! Start a conversation with us by sending us an email!


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